Monkey business

Rowan comes in our room every morning at the crack of dawn to “snuggle.” I love it, but I just want to snuggle. I don’t want to talk, but he’s always full of burning questions. Like this morning–Some might argue it was the middle of the night–Rowan asked in his most rested and chipper voice, “Mommy, how do monkeys climb trees?”

“Um,” I answer, trying to buy myself time to formulate a response. “I think they have a pretty low center of gravity and they’re really strong. Plus their tails give them good balance.”

As I drift off back to sleep, “But, Mommy, why do monkeys climb trees?”

“So predators won’t eat them.”

“Like alligators?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Mommy?” he asked.


How do monkeys climb trees?”

And before I can get trapped in a loop, I take that as my cue to get up and distract him with the promise of chocolate milk and breakfast.

It worked! 🙂

And with that, I wanted to let everybody know that things are good right now. Colman was eating breakfast this morning and I thought, He looks amazing! And I made myself relish that feeling of happiness because I know how quickly things can go from good to bad and bad to worse when you’re dealing with the BIG, BAD WORLD of CHD, and I want to hold onto these times when everybody is doing well.

That is all. You guys rock!


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