This guy…

…is 12 years old today. Smack dab in the middle, he’s a great little brother and a fantastic older brother. I always tell him he has the best of both worlds. It seems impossible that this day 12 years ago, we weren’t sure if he’d make it. I think at this point, I’d already seen … Continue reading


If heart mamas ruled the world…

…I think this would be an excellent start. Although there’s no way this is an exhaustive list by any means. 1. There would be no 4 a.m. x-rays followed by 6 a.m. weight checks. 2. Every child would be required to have all vaccinations unless an actual medical doctor has given a reason that a particular vaccination … Continue reading

A Sweet Forever

I know it’s been a sweet forever since I’ve updated you guys on Colman, but on the upside, there really isn’t much going on. And that’s a good thing! Colman had a clinic appointment at TCH towards the end of September and there wasn’t much to report. Everything looks about the same. His heart really … Continue reading

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I know I usually blog on congenital heart defects awareness and issues related to having a child with a major heart defect. However, I am and have been involved in children’s healthcare issues for a long time in our community by serving on a couple of different boards at … Continue reading

…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We survived the first week of school. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little rough. Junior high is hard, y’all. And I have two in junior high now. Liam is in the eighth grade and Colman just started sixth grade. Sixth! Ugh. The first day was bad. Colman came home in tears … Continue reading

Fiercely loved

I woke up this morning thinking about Father’s Day, and how I needed to send my dad a text saying “Happy Father’s Day!” Maybe I’d even attach the emoticon with the wink blowing a kiss. But I haven’t done that yet. Somehow, today, that didn’t seem like it would be good enough. Lately, I’ve been … Continue reading

Dear Tats, I’m so sorry

Yesterday I took the day off work so I could wait for the plumbers. We had a major clog in our master bath shower that needed immediate attention. I was hoping they’d pull out something exciting, but it was only a giant hair clog masquerading as a dead rat. From the way the plumbers went … Continue reading

Spring Break wrap-up

Once we finally got going last week, I think the kids had a nice Spring Break. We went to Galveston for a long weekend. Not my favorite Texas beach, but it was nice to get away. Plus, I had to take Colman to Houston on Friday for his cardiology checkup so it was convenient, which … Continue reading

Monkey business

Rowan comes in our room every morning at the crack of dawn to “snuggle.” I love it, but I just want to snuggle. I don’t want to talk, but he’s always full of burning questions. Like this morning–Some might argue it was the middle of the night–Rowan asked in his most rested and chipper voice, … Continue reading