This guy…


…is 12 years old today. Smack dab in the middle, he’s a great little brother and a fantastic older brother. I always tell him he has the best of both worlds.

It seems impossible that this day 12 years ago, we weren’t sure if he’d make it. I think at this point, I’d already seen Dr. Rogers and we finally knew that he’d be a candidate for heart surgery when we’d been so worried the doctors would not be able to do anything to save him. And then again, it seems like that all happened just hours ago. It’s weird how time operates.

Now if I could just get Colman to put on some weight and grow, we’d be all set. But for now, he epitomizes the saying, “Dynamite comes in small packages.”


8 thoughts on “This guy…

  1. Happy Birthday, Colman! Can’t believe you’re already 12. We love your sense of humor! And you are such a handsome guy with a great smile. Enjoy your special day. We think of you every day, Colman. That’s how cool you are:)
    Gary and Judy

  2. Such a wonderful milestone. My HLHS grandson had his Glenn this winter, and we feel blessed for all victories, big or little. God Bless these beautiful children.

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