Raising his baby

Cotillion starts for Colman today. I can’t believe he’s old enough for that already. It seems like just yesterday I was dragging Liam to Cotillion classes. I remember a lot of sighing and eye-rolling with Liam during those four Mondays. Even now, when watching Liam at the dinner table, I wonder if it was worth the money. It seems like he picked up nothing in the way of manners, but I guess all was not lost because he can dance a mean foxtrot.

However, Colman is super excited about Cotillion. He texted me a couple of weeks ago from school, “Mom, I need a suit.”

That was it. No other explanation.

I texted back, “What for?”

He replied, “Cotillion, duh.”

Except we hadn’t gotten the invitation for Cotillion. Or if we did, I threw it out not realizing what it was. So a friend sent me the email address for the woman running the classes, and I quickly sent in payment to secure Colman a spot. Colman was thrilled! He has a crush on a little girl in his class and has already had her promise him one dance.

Oh. My. God.

Who is this kid?

When we received the itinerary in the mail, Colman looked it over and said, “Ladies’ Choice?! What about the man’s choice?”

“It’s always gentlemen’s choice,” I said. “That’s why there is a specific night for the girls to pick the boy they want to dance with.”

I commented to Kevin that I thought it was kind of funny Colman is so into girls where Liam really hasn’t been thus far, and Kevin said, “You know we’ll probably be raising his baby, right?”

I hope not, but nothing would surprise me. I think Colman is going to be surprised, however, that Cotillion isn’t one big dance party and there will be actual instruction.

Fun times!


2 thoughts on “Raising his baby

  1. Paul’s going tonight as well. As for Liam’s poor manners – I’d like to get my money back for Charlie’s Cotillion – he learned NOTHING! I know the boys will have fun!

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