Posted in June 2014

Hermit crab people

On a scale of one to ten with one being the absolute best and ten being the absolute worst as far as Worst News Ever, this ranks as possibly a negative two. Sandy Claus has died. “She”–Who the hell really knows, right?–was Colman’s hermit crab. We got two hermit crabs two years ago, and the only … Continue reading

“Who you gonna call?”

Before work yesterday, I was throwing a load of laundry into the wash and Rowan was helping me. By “helping” I mean that we have a top loading washing machine and he throws random clothing in willy-nilly like he’s one of the San Antonio Spurs. It’s all exactly as helpful as it sounds as I … Continue reading

Purell: A love elixir

Last Thursday was yet another trip to TCH for Colman and me. We had our long-awaited genetics appointment set for the afternoon, so since we were going to be in Houston anyway, Dr. Liou wanted Colman to do another treadmill test to see how he was performing post fenestration closure. Colman rocked the treadmill test. Last … Continue reading