Tabled for further tests

After three full days of testing for the heart transplant evaluation, they presented Colman’s case to the transplant committee last Friday and the decision was made to table the decision because they need more testing. That’s right. We have to go back to Houston for another full day of testing before they feel comfortable making a decision on whether to place Colman on the transplant list.

I am happy they’re thorough, but, geez. I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer. I can’t imagine how poor Colman feels.

So, now, I’m waiting on a call back from the transplant coordinator with a new date for the testing. It should happen in the next week or two. They want more blood work so they can titrate out his antibodies further and see exactly which antibodies are problematic. Then they want a pulmonology consult for some special lung tests, a treadmill stress test and an appointment with one of their psychologists. I’m not sure what the psychologist appointment entails, whether it’s just a meet-and-greet where they play checkers or Uno, or if there’s testing involved. I can’t imagine what other tests they might have after the almost four hours Colman spent with a neuropsychologist during the regular three-day evaluation.

So I didn’t want to leave y’all in limbo, even though I feel we are in a constant state of limbo ourselves. I keep wanting them to make a decision, but if they decide that they want to delay listing him, that’s a kind of limbo. And if they decide to list him, we’ll be in limbo in Houston waiting on a heart. I’m sick of the limbo, but I’ve decided that the best limbo is probably the kind where you’re able to be at HOME.

I hope everyone has a great day today. We’re supposed to have a wintry mix all day here in San Antonio, and I had three very angry little boys on my hands this morning when school was not canceled like they were hoping. They even tried to talk me into letting them stay home anyway. Can you imagine?

Stay warm! Kevin had a guy deliver a bunch of wood last night for our fireplace, and I’m making a big pot of turkey chili for supper that I’m sure three little boys are going to turn their noses up to.



7 thoughts on “Tabled for further tests

  1. Thank you for updates! I agree home is a great place for LIMBO. Enjoy that turkey chilli and I love you 💝💝💝💝💝

  2. Geez. You guys are gonna need a shrink because of all these freaking tests they keep adding. That alone would drive me crazy. Poor Colman. Give him a hug for us!

  3. Heather, you tell the boys that when Grandma was teaching, she would hope for a snow day! The chili sounds good! Poor Colman and Mom! Hope they make a decision soon!!

  4. Well you no doubt have a long and wi ding road ahead of you all, how you are coping and still have time to make that chilli means colman has one hell of a mum there for him all along with dad and his brother’s he is going to cope in sure just fine, hes a brave big boy x

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