Haircuts and “Aircuts”

This past Tuesday when Liam and Colman were on Spring Break, we asked them to pick up Rowan’s room to help us out because there were toys everywhere. It was the kind of mess where I just looked and thought, how does one little person do this and where do I even start? I told Liam and Colman I would pay them two dollars apiece. That really got them hopping.

When we got home from work, Kevin told them, “Great job, guys! But I don’t have any ones.” You can imagine their little faces and their absolute devastation at that news. He let this settle in for a second and said, “But I have this instead,” and he gave them each a twenty-dollar bill.

Now, they’re ruined. I’m sure of it. BECAUSE THAT’S AN INSANE AMOUNT OF DOLLARS!

Seriously, if I had known twenty bucks was in it, much less forty, I would have picked up Rowan’s room. That’s the cool thing about kids. They’ll do stuff like that for two dollars apiece and they’re ecstatic. What happened to good, old-fashioned child labor?

Then Colman lost a tooth that same day. He’s been so happy all week because he made twenty-five dollars. Twenty for picking up Rowan’s room and five from the tooth fairy. He keeps saying, “Mom, can you believe it?”

Um, no. No, I cannot.

I snapped a picture of Colman when we were out at lunch the next day. (I should have made him pay.)


Then I snapped a picture of the back of his head. I wish I could say that this is just his Spring Break look, but, sadly, he goes to school looking like this every single day. Please don’t judge me.


It’s atrocious. I know. That’s why I took him to get a haircut that evening and told our hairdresser to cut it as short as possible without it being a buzz-cut. A buzz would actually be the perfect hair for Colman, but he is so skinny right now, I was worried he would look like he walked straight out of a concentration camp.

Before Gabriel could cut Colman’s hair, Rowan insisted on getting a haircut, even though he just had one two days before. Gabriel gave him what he called an “aircut.” Then Rowan ate about five thousand lollipops.


When Colman was done with his haircut, Rowan wanted another haircut and said to Gabriel, “I wanna haircut,” in his hard-to-understand toddler speak.

“You want a haircut?” Gabriel asked, clarifying what Rowan had just said.

Rowan said, “Okay.” He promptly climbed back in the chair, and received a second “aircut.” You have to stay on your toes with that one. He’s a tricky little guy.


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