Last week, I received a call that Colman’s cardiothoracic surgeon gave his name to someone with  I wasn’t really sure what that was, but Manny called that same night and said the purpose of their organization was to take kids who are sick and make them feel special and give them a memory that will last a lifetime.  He wanted to make Colman feel like a rockstar.

We met Manny and his crew at Aldino’s, and he gave Colman a Ferrari Kids t-shirt and a signed copy of his book.  Manny is a childhood cancer survivor, who had someone do something similar for him when he was a child.  Then the Ferrari showed up…


Liam and Colman were super excited to check it out up close and personal.


Then the second Ferrari arrived.  That’s my nephew, Carter, in the picture with the boys.  Colman chose to ride in the red one.  Of course!  Colman’s ride ended at The Main Event, where his friends were waiting for him as well as a red carpet with paparazzi and people asking for Colman’s autograph.


I am not sure his smile could get any bigger!


Colman and Manny.


Colman and his friends.

A huge thank you to Manny and!  This is definitely an experience he’ll remember forever.

Today Colman and I will be heading to Houston for our appointment tomorrow morning.  I will update again after his appointment.


P.S.  If you received a photo of Colman and a Ferrari, and that was all.  Sorry.  Still figuring out this program and that was my ineptitude at its finest.


8 thoughts on “Rockstar!

  1. Thanks so much Heather for the great blog. John the owner of the red Ferrari, my team, and all of us had a great time. Colman is really special. He is lucky to have a mom and family like you all. Blessings! – Manny

  2. It’s great to see Colman and his big bright smile. Just knowing he had a great time that day makes me feel just as happy as him! God Bless ya’ll 😉 Cousin Jill

  3. that’s awesome!! colman looks really happy. it makes my heart feel good to know that he’s in such a good place right now. you’re a great mom:)

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