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Because I’m all about not taking myself too seriously

I had a feeling that we’d all be paying a price for Colman going on his first Boy Scout campout and it turned out that feeling was spot on. Colman had one overnight campout for his Boy Scout troop or den–Whatever–and he came home rundown, tired and sick. One night. I put a majority of … Continue reading


From Auschwitz survivor to supermodel thin

Colman and I went to Houston last Thursday for a heart check in their transplant clinic. I would’ve updated before now, but I’ve been very busy. Doing what? Well, specifically, I’m petitioning Merriam-Webster for the addition of the word “wenis” into the dictionary. For all of my friends who only have girl children instead of … Continue reading

Viva Fiesta!

We’ve officially kicked off Fiesta here in San Antonio. For those of you who may not live in San Antonio, this is the time of year when the entire city goes into party mode for three weeks. I’ve become so accustomed to this time of year, that when my sister was down from Dallas, I … Continue reading