Posted in November 2013

Where’s the red, hot, swollen knee?

I finally heard back from Houston. Dr. Jeewa presented Colman’s case to the other heart failure doctors and they decided that we need to come back to TCH for the talk, the book and the consent on December 19th, so we can start the transplant evaluation process for Colman. The evaluation takes three to four … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all

I’ve been meaning to post to let you guys know that Kevin came through with the pots and pans. It’s amazing what a little public humiliation and shaming will do, right? Not really. I forgot to mention that one of the funniest things about the knives is it was only a half set of knives. … Continue reading

God bless cataracts!

Something about turning thirty-nine today makes me wish I could skip it and head straight to forty. Maybe because when I say “I’m thirty-nine,” I feel like people think I’m lying. Not that I’ve ever cared what anybody else thinks, but I feel like I can actually hear the “Sure you are, Honey,” that flits … Continue reading